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*ecl_base_string_pointer_safe(cl_object: Foreign objects
*ecl_foreign_data_pointer_safe(cl_object: Foreign objects

_ecl_caar: Conses
_ecl_cadr: Conses
_ecl_car: Conses
_ecl_cdr: Conses

cl:defpackage: Package local nicknames
cl:defpackage: Package locks
close: Gray Streams
cl_boot: Starting and Stopping
cl_shutdown: Starting and Stopping

directory: Files - Dictionary
disassemble: Environment - Dictionary

ECL_ADJUSTABLE_ARRAY_P: Constructing objects
ecl_aet_to_symbol: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_alloc_adjustable_base_string: Strings - C reference
ecl_alloc_simple_base_string: Strings - C reference
ecl_alloc_simple_vector: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_alphanumericp: Characters - C Reference
ecl_alpha_char_p: Characters - C Reference
ECL_ANSI_STREAM_P: Constructing objects
ECL_ANSI_STREAM_TYPE_P: Constructing objects
ecl_aref: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_aref: Constructing objects
ecl_aref1: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_aref1: Constructing objects
ECL_ARRAYP: Objects representation
ecl_array_dimension: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_array_elttype: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_array_elttype: Constructing objects
ECL_ARRAY_HAS_FILL_POINTER_P: Constructing objects
ecl_array_rank: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_aset: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_aset: Constructing objects
ecl_aset1: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_aset1: Constructing objects
ECL_ATOM: Objects representation
ecl_atomic_get: Atomic operations dictionary
ecl_atomic_incf: Atomic operations dictionary
ecl_atomic_incf_by_fixnum: Atomic operations dictionary
ecl_atomic_index_incf: Atomic operations dictionary
ecl_atomic_pop: Atomic operations dictionary
ecl_atomic_push: Atomic operations dictionary
ecl_base_char_code: Characters - C Reference
ecl_base_char_code: Constructing objects
ECL_BASE_CHAR_CODE_P: Objects representation
ecl_base_char_p: Characters - C Reference
ECL_BASE_CHAR_P: Objects representation
ECL_BASE_STRING_P: Constructing objects
ecl_bds_bind: C Reference
ecl_bds_push: C Reference
ecl_bds_unwind1: C Reference
ecl_bds_unwind_n: C Reference
ECL_BIGNUMP: Objects representation
ECL_BIT_VECTOR_P: Objects representation
ecl_both_case_p: Characters - C Reference
ECL_CATCH_ALL: Catching Errors and Managing Interrupts
ecl_cdfloat: Numbers - Number accessors
ecl_char: Strings - C reference
ECL_CHARACTERP: Objects representation
ecl_char_cmp: Constructing objects
ECL_CHAR_CODE: Characters - C Reference
ecl_char_code: Characters - C Reference
ECL_CHAR_CODE: Constructing objects
ecl_char_code: Constructing objects
ecl_char_compare: Constructing objects
ecl_char_downcase: Characters - C Reference
ecl_char_eq: Constructing objects
ecl_char_equal: Constructing objects
ecl_char_set: Strings - C reference
ecl_char_upcase: Characters - C Reference
ECL_CLASS_CPL: Constructing objects
ECL_CLASS_INFERIORS: Constructing objects
ECL_CLASS_NAME: Constructing objects
ECL_CLASS_OF: Constructing objects
ECL_CLASS_SLOTS: Constructing objects
ECL_CLASS_SUPERIORS: Constructing objects
ecl_clear_interrupts: Catching Errors and Managing Interrupts
ecl_clfloat: Numbers - Number accessors
ECL_CODE_CHAR: Characters - C Reference
ECL_CODE_CHAR: Constructing objects
ecl_compare_and_swap: Atomic operations dictionary
ECL_COMPLEXP: Objects representation
ECL_CONSP: Objects representation
ecl_csfloat: Numbers - Number accessors
ecl_decode_from_cstring: Strings - C reference
ecl_decode_from_unicode_wstring: Strings - C reference
ecl_digitp: Characters - C Reference
ecl_disable_interrupts: Catching Errors and Managing Interrupts
ecl_double_float: Numbers - Number accessors
ECL_DOUBLE_FLOAT_P: Objects representation
ecl_enable_interrupts: Catching Errors and Managing Interrupts
ecl_encode_to_cstring: Strings - C reference
ecl_encode_to_unicode_wstring: Strings - C reference
ECL_EXTENDED_STRING_P: Constructing objects
ecl_fixnum: Numbers - Number accessors
ecl_fixnum: Constructing objects
ECL_FIXNUMP: Objects representation
ecl_fixnum_geq: Constructing objects
ecl_fixnum_greater: Constructing objects
ecl_fixnum_leq: Constructing objects
ecl_fixnum_lower: Constructing objects
ecl_fixnum_minusp: Constructing objects
ecl_fixnum_plusp: Constructing objects
ECL_FOREIGN_DATA_P: Objects representation
ecl_get_option: Starting and Stopping
ecl_graphic_char_p: Characters - C Reference
ECL_HASH_TABLE_P: Objects representation
ECL_IMMEDIATE: Objects representation
ecl_import_current_thread: Starting and Stopping
ECL_INSTANCEP: Constructing objects
ECL_LISTP: Objects representation
ecl_long_float: Numbers - Number accessors
ECL_LONG_FLOAT_P: Objects representation
ecl_lower_case_p: Characters - C Reference
ecl_make_barrier: Barriers dictionary
ecl_make_cdfloat: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_clfloat: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_complex: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_constant_base_string: Strings - C reference
ecl_make_csfloat: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_double_float: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_fixnum: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_fixnum: Constructing objects
ecl_make_foreign_data: Foreign objects
ecl_make_int: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_int16_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_int32_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_int64_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_int8_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_integer: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_keyword: Symbols
ecl_make_lock: Locks dictionary
ecl_make_long: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_long_float: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_long_long: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_ratio: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_rwlock: Readers-writer locks dictionary
ecl_make_semaphore: Semaphores dictionary
ecl_make_short_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_simple_base_string: Strings - C reference
ecl_make_single_float: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_symbol: Symbols
ecl_make_uint: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_uint16_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_uint32_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_uint64_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_uint8_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_ulong: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_ulong_long: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_unsigned_integer: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_make_ushort_t: Numbers - Number constructors
ecl_nth_value: C Reference
ecl_null_terminated_base_string(cl_object: Foreign objects
ECL_NUMBER_TYPE_P: Objects representation
ecl_nvalues: C Reference
ECL_PACKAGEP: Objects representation
ECL_PATHNAMEP: Objects representation
ecl_process_env: Evaluation and compilation
ECL_RANDOM_STATE_P: Objects representation
ECL_READTABLEP: Objects representation
ecl_read_from_cstring: Constructing objects
ECL_REAL_TYPE_P: Objects representation
ecl_release_current_thread: Starting and Stopping
ecl_return0: C Reference
ecl_return1: C Reference
ecl_return2: C Reference
ecl_return3: C Reference
ecl_setq: C Reference
ecl_set_option: Starting and Stopping
ecl_single_float: Numbers - Number accessors
ECL_SINGLE_FLOAT_P: Objects representation
ECL_SPEC_FLAG: Constructing objects
ECL_SPEC_OBJECT: Constructing objects
ECL_SSE_PACK_P: Objects representation
ecl_standard_char_p: Characters - C Reference
ECL_STRINGP: Objects representation
ECL_STRUCT_LENGTH: Constructing objects
ECL_STRUCT_NAME: Constructing objects
ECL_STRUCT_SLOT: Constructing objects
ECL_STRUCT_SLOTS: Constructing objects
ECL_STRUCT_TYPE: Constructing objects
ECL_SYMBOLP: Objects representation
ecl_symbol_to_aet: Arrays - C Reference
ecl_symbol_value: C Reference
ecl_to_cdfloat: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_clfloat: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_csfloat: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_double: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_fixnum: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_float: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_int: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_int16_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_int32_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_int64_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_int8_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_long: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_long_double: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_long_long: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_short: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_uint: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_uint16_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_uint32_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_uint64_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_uint8_t: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_ulong: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_ulong_long: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_unsigned_integer: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_to_ushort: Numbers - Number coercion
ecl_t_of: Objects representation
ECL_UNWIND_PROTECT: Catching Errors and Managing Interrupts
ecl_upper_case_p: Characters - C Reference
ecl_va_arg: C Reference
ecl_va_end: C Reference
ecl_va_start: C Reference
ECL_VECTORP: Objects representation
ECL_WITH_LISP_FPE: Catching Errors and Managing Interrupts
ed: Environment - Dictionary
ext:add-package-local-nickname: Package local nicknames
ext:all-encodings: Streams - Dictionary
ext:catch-signal: Signals and Interrupts - Signals Reference
ext:character-coding-error-external-format: Streams - Dictionary
ext:character-decoding-error-octects: Streams - Dictionary
ext:character-encoding-error-code: Streams - Dictionary
ext:chdir: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:chmod: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:command-args: Command line arguments
ext:copy-file: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:decoding-error: Streams - Dictionary
ext:encoding-error: Streams - Dictionary
ext:environ: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:external-process-error-stream: External processes
ext:external-process-input: External processes
ext:external-process-output: External processes
ext:external-process-pid: External processes
ext:external-process-status: External processes
ext:external-process-wait: External processes
ext:file-kind: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:file-stream-fd: Streams - Dictionary
ext:float-infinity-p: Numbers - Dictionary
ext:float-nan-p: Numbers - Dictionary
ext:get-finalizer: Memory Management Reference
ext:get-limit: Memory Management Reference
ext:get-signal-handler: Signals and Interrupts - Signals Reference
ext:getcwd: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:getenv: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:getpid: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:getuid: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:hash-table-content: Hash tables - Extensions
ext:hash-table-fill: Hash tables - Extensions
ext:hash-table-synchronized-p: Hash tables - Extensions
ext:hash-table-weakness: Hash tables - Extensions
ext:lock-package: Package locks
ext:make-pipe: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:make-sequence-input-stream: Streams - Dictionary
ext:make-sequence-output-stream: Streams - Dictionary
ext:nan: Numbers - Dictionary
ext:octets-to-string: Strings - C reference
ext:package-local-nicknames: Package local nicknames
ext:package-locally-nicknamed-by-list: Package local nicknames
ext:package-locked-p: Package locks
ext:process-command-args: Command line arguments
ext:quit: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:remove-package-local-nickname: Package local nicknames
ext:run-program: External processes
ext:set-buffering-mode: Streams - Dictionary
ext:set-finalizer: Memory Management Reference
ext:set-limit: Memory Management Reference
ext:set-signal-handler: Signals and Interrupts - Signals Reference
ext:setenv: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:stack-overflow-size: Memory Management Reference
ext:stack-overflow-type: Memory Management Reference
ext:string-to-octets: Strings - C reference
ext:system: Operating System Interface Reference
ext:terminate-process: External processes
ext:trap-fpe: Numbers - Floating point exceptions
ext:unix-signal-received-code: Signals and Interrupts - Signals Reference
ext:unlock-package: Package locks
ext:with-backend: SFFI Reference
ext:with-unlocked-packages: Package locks
ext:without-package-locks: Package locks

ffi:allocate-foreign-object: Foreign Objects
ffi:allocate-foreign-string: Foreign Strings
ffi:c-inline: SFFI Reference
ffi:c-progn: SFFI Reference
ffi:clines: SFFI Reference
ffi:convert-from-cstring: Foreign Strings
ffi:convert-from-cstring: Foreign Strings
ffi:convert-from-foreign-string: Foreign Strings
ffi:convert-to-cstring: Foreign Strings
ffi:convert-to-foreign-string: Foreign Strings
ffi:def-array-pointer: Aggregate Types
ffi:def-constant: Primitive Types
ffi:def-enum: Aggregate Types
ffi:def-foreign-type: Primitive Types
ffi:def-foreign-var: Foreign Objects
ffi:def-function: Functions and Libraries
ffi:def-struct: Aggregate Types
ffi:def-union: Aggregate Types
ffi:defcallback: SFFI Reference
ffi:defcbody: SFFI Reference
ffi:defentry: SFFI Reference
ffi:defla: SFFI Reference
ffi:deref-array: Aggregate Types
ffi:deref-pointer: Foreign Objects
ffi:ensure-char-character: Foreign Objects
ffi:ensure-char-integer: Foreign Objects
ffi:find-foreign-library: Functions and Libraries
ffi:free-foreign-object: Foreign Objects
ffi:get-slot-pointer: Aggregate Types
ffi:get-slot-value: Aggregate Types
ffi:load-foreign-library: Functions and Libraries
ffi:make-null-pointer: Foreign Objects
ffi:null-char-p: Primitive Types
ffi:null-pointer-p: Foreign Objects
ffi:pointer-address: Foreign Objects
ffi:size-of-foreign-type: Foreign Objects
ffi:with-cast-pointer: Foreign Objects
ffi:with-cstring: Foreign Strings
ffi:with-cstrings: Foreign Strings
ffi:with-foreign-object: Foreign Objects
ffi:with-foreign-string: Foreign Strings
ffi:with-foreign-strings: Foreign Strings
fixint: Constructing objects
fixnint: Constructing objects

mp:all-processes: Processes dictionary
mp:atomic-decf: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:atomic-incf: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:atomic-pop: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:atomic-push: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:atomic-update: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:barrier-arrivers-count: Barriers dictionary
mp:barrier-count: Barriers dictionary
mp:barrier-name: Barriers dictionary
mp:barrier-unblock: Barriers dictionary
mp:barrier-wait: Barriers dictionary
mp:block-signals: Processes dictionary
mp:compare-and-swap: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:condition-variable-broadcast: Condition variables dictionary
mp:condition-variable-signal: Condition variables dictionary
mp:condition-variable-timedwait: Condition variables dictionary
mp:condition-variable-wait: Condition variables dictionary
mp:defcas: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:define-cas-expander: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:exit-process: Processes dictionary
mp:get-cas-expansion: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:get-lock: Locks dictionary
mp:get-rwlock-read: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp:get-rwlock-write: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp:giveup-lock: Locks dictionary
mp:giveup-rwlock-read: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp:giveup-rwlock-write: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp:holding-lock-p: Locks dictionary
mp:interrupt-process: Processes dictionary
mp:lock-count: Locks dictionary
mp:lock-owner: Locks dictionary
mp:lock_name: Locks dictionary
mp:make-barrier: Barriers dictionary
mp:make-condition-variable: Condition variables dictionary
mp:make-lock: Locks dictionary
mp:make-process: Processes dictionary
mp:make-rwlock: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp:make-semaphore: Semaphores dictionary
mp:process-active-p: Processes dictionary
mp:process-enable: Processes dictionary
mp:process-join: Processes dictionary
mp:process-kill: Processes dictionary
mp:process-name: Processes dictionary
mp:process-preset: Processes dictionary
mp:process-resume: Processes dictionary
mp:process-run-function: Processes dictionary
mp:process-suspend: Processes dictionary
mp:process-yield: Processes dictionary
mp:recursive-lock-p: Locks dictionary
mp:remcas: Atomic operations dictionary
mp:restore-signals: Processes dictionary
mp:rwlock-name: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp:semaphore-count: Semaphores dictionary
mp:semaphore-name: Semaphores dictionary
mp:semaphore-wait: Semaphores dictionary
mp:semaphore-wait-count: Semaphores dictionary
mp:signal-semaphore: Semaphores dictionary
mp:try-get-semaphore: Semaphores dictionary
mp:wait-on-semaphore: Semaphores dictionary
mp:with-interrupts: Processes dictionary
mp:with-interrupts: Signals and Interrupts - Signals Reference
mp:with-lock: Locks dictionary
mp:with-rwlock: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp:without-interrupts: Processes dictionary
mp:without-interrupts: Signals and Interrupts - Signals Reference
mp_all_processes: Processes dictionary
mp_block_signals: Processes dictionary
mp_condition_variable_broadcast: Condition variables dictionary
mp_condition_variable_signal: Condition variables dictionary
mp_condition_variable_timedwait: Condition variables dictionary
mp_condition_variable_wait: Condition variables dictionary
mp_current_process: Processes dictionary
mp_exit_process: Processes dictionary
mp_get_lock_nowait: Locks dictionary
mp_get_lock_wait: Locks dictionary
mp_get_rwlock_read_nowait: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp_get_rwlock_read_wait: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp_get_rwlock_write_nowait: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp_get_rwlock_write_wait: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp_giveup_lock: Locks dictionary
mp_giveup_rwlock_read: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp_giveup_rwlock_write: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp_holding_lock_p: Locks dictionary
mp_interrupt_process: Processes dictionary
mp_lock_count: Locks dictionary
mp_lock_name: Locks dictionary
mp_lock_owner: Locks dictionary
mp_make_condition_variable: Condition variables dictionary
mp_make_process: Processes dictionary
mp_process_active_p: Processes dictionary
mp_process_enable: Processes dictionary
mp_process_join: Processes dictionary
mp_process_kill: Processes dictionary
mp_process_name: Processes dictionary
mp_process_preset: Processes dictionary
mp_process_resume: Processes dictionary
mp_process_run_function: Processes dictionary
mp_process_suspend: Processes dictionary
mp_process_yield: Processes dictionary
mp_recursive_lock_p: Locks dictionary
mp_restore_signals: Processes dictionary
mp_rwlock_name: Readers-writer locks dictionary
mp_semaphore_count: Semaphores dictionary
mp_semaphore_name: Semaphores dictionary
mp_semaphore_wait_count: Semaphores dictionary
mp_sempahore_wait(cl_object: Semaphores dictionary
mp_signal_semaphore: Semaphores dictionary
mp_try_get_semaphore: Semaphores dictionary
mp_wait_on_semaphore: Semaphores dictionary

open: Streams - Dictionary

rename-file: Files - Dictionary

si::string-to-object: Constructing objects
si:safe-eval: Constructing objects
si_add_package_local_nickname: Package local nicknames
si_adjust_vector: Arrays - C Reference
si_make_array: Arrays - C Reference
si_make_lambda: Constructing objects
si_make_vector: Arrays - C Reference
si_package_locally_nicknamed_by_list: Package local nicknames
si_package_local_nicknames: Package local nicknames
si_remove_package_local_nickname: Package local nicknames
si_safe_eval: Constructing objects
si_string_to_object: Constructing objects
stream-file-length: Gray Streams
stream-file-position: Gray Streams
stream-interactive-p: Gray Streams
stream-line-length: Gray Streams
stream-read-sequence: Gray Streams
stream-write-sequence: Gray Streams

trace: Environment - Dictionary
typedef struct { ... } ecl_va_list[1];: C Reference