Embeddable Common-Lisp

ECLM 2008 talk

Written by jjgarcia on 2008-04

I have uploaded a copy of the talk I gave two days ago at the European Common Lisp Meeting in Amsterdam. It can be reached here http://ecls.wiki.sourceforge.net/space/showimage/eclm2008.pdf

I would like to thank Edi and Arthur again for giving me the oportunity to present ECL in this fabulous Lisp meeting full of interesting talks -- and by that I am not meaning this one ;-) but all those examples of real-life use of Common Lisp

Note that some of the things presented in my talk have not yet been committed into ECL or are in some obscure branch of CVS. They will become part of the coming releases, one of which, 0.9k, I expect to prepare soon.

It would also be nice if someone contributed with some of the challenges enumerated in the last transparencies or came up with new ideas to improve this implementation.