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ECL 24.5.10 release

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Written by Marius Gerbershagen on 2024-05-10 13:30

Dear Community,

We are announcing a new stable ECL release. The release mainly includes a number of bug fixes, including changes that prevent rare crashes in the garbage collector on Mac OS X, some bug fixes for gray streams and for pathname related functionality. Moreover, the release features new extensions for gray streams (gray:stream-line-length, gray:stream-file-length, gray:stream-file-string-length and generic versions of cl:pathname and cl:truename) as well as improved emscripten support (allowing shared library builds) and small improvements to the manual.

We'd like to thank all people who contributed to ECL with code, testing, issue reports and otherwise.

People listed here contributed code in this iteration: Daniel Kochmański, Kirill A. Korinsky, Marius Gerbershagen, Tarn W. Burton, Mark Shroyer, Dmitry Solomennikov, Kevin Zheng.

This release is available for download in a form of a source code archive (we do not ship prebuilt binaries):

Happy Hacking,
The ECL Developers