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ECL 23.9.9 release

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Written by Marius Gerbershagen on 2023-09-09 08:00

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce a new stable ECL release tagged 23.9.9. The new release includes many bug fixes, some new features, improvements to the compiler and more. Changes include but are not limited to:

  • Complete overhaul of thread synchronization primitives (mutexes, condition variables, etc.). Users of bordeaux-threads will have to update as this breaks workarounds for missing timeouts on condition variable wait operations in version 0.9.1 and earlier of this library.
  • Better unicode support: add new functions to convert between Lisp strings and byte arrays in different encodings, allow non-ascii characters in pathnames and as arguments to ext:run-program.
  • Preliminary support for the Emscripten target (bytecodes compiler only).
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements to the compiler.
  • Better conformance to the ANSI standard.

We'd like to thank all people who contributed to ECL with code, testing, issue reports and otherwise.

People listed here contributed code in this iteration: Caleb Xu, Catherine Tower, Daniel Kochmański, Dima Pasechnik, Dmitry Solomennikov, Eric Timmons, Florian Margaine, Jeronimo Pellegrini, Kevin Zheng, Kirill A. Korinsky, Marius Gerbershagen, Nick Faro, Tarn W. Burton, Ulrich Müller, Yuguo Zhang, Yuri D. Lensky.

People listed here tested ECL extensively before the release: Kirill A. Korinsky, Marius Gerbershagen and Paul Ruetz.

This release is available for download in a form of a source code archive (we do not ship prebuilt binaries):

Happy Hacking,
The ECL Developers