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ECL 21.2.1 release

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Written by Marius Gerbershagen on 2021-02-01 14:21

Dear Community,

We are announcing a new stable ECL release which fixes a number of bugs from the previous release. Changes made include amongst others

  • working generational and precise garbage collector modes
  • support for using precompiled headers to improve compilation speed
  • the bytecompiler correctly implements the ANSI specification for load time forms of literal objects in compiled files
  • fixes for encoding issues when reading in the output of the MSVC compiler
  • issues preventing ECL from compiling on Xcode 12 and running on ARM64 versions of Mac OS have been rectified

More detailed information can be obtained from the CHANGELOG file and git commit logs. We'd like to thank all people who contributed to this release. Some of them are listed here (without any particular order): Paul Ruetz, Karsten Poeck, Eric Timmons, Vladimir Sedach, Dima Pasechnik, Matthias Köppe, Yuri Lensky, Tobias Hansen, Pritam Baral, Marius Gerbershagen and Daniel Kochmański.

This release is available for download in a form of a source code archive (we do not ship prebuilt binaries):

Happy Hacking,
The ECL Developers