Embeddable Common-Lisp

ECL 15.2.21 released, new maintainer found

Written by jackdaniel on 2015-02

New release, which is mainly current state of git HEAD (plus a few fixes). Contains numerous bug-fixes in comparison to 13.5.1 and is last, which follows date-based version convention. It's time to finally release ECL 1.0 ;-).

Development moves to gitorious (https://gitorious.org/embeddable-common-lisp), same as wiki (previous content is inaccessible now, but once subscription is renewed, I'll start to migrate content from there). In GIT topic - current permissions will be preserved. Just drop me a line with gitorious login, and I'll add person on corresponding permission level to project.

Mailing list and website are staying at SF for now, but I'd really like to switch the latter to something more manageable. Also, SF have lately problems with stability, what is quite annoying.

More on maintainer topic: My name is Daniel Kochmaski (you may meet me on IRC and over internet under the nick "jackdaniel") and I'm willing to spare at least a few hours a week for this amazing project to keep it alive. More on progress ideas and myself might be found on mailing list archive - I ask for comments, suggestions and discussion (and forgiveness for some potential dumb ideas I might propose), to develop them better. Also, I do ask for help.

While I will try to set up Linux/Unix environment to check builds and try to fix problems on various operating systems (I'm thinking about putting vagrant in use), I have no access to neither Windows or OSX environments, so I will have no clue, if any commit will break builds on these. Testers for these platforms are crucial imo.

Best regards, Daniel