Embeddable Common-Lisp



ECL (Embeddable Common-Lisp) is an interpreter of the Common-Lisp language as described in the X3J13 Ansi specification, featuring CLOS (Common-Lisp Object System), conditions, loops, etc, plus a translator to C, which can produce standalone executables.

ECL supports the operating systems Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS X, Solaris, Windows, iOS, Android and Emscripten, running on top of the Intel, Sparc, Alpha, PowerPC and ARM processors.


  • A bytecode compiler and interpreter
  • Compiles Lisp also with any C/C++ compiler
  • Can build standalone executables and libraries
  • ASDF, Sockets, Gray streams, MOP, and other useful components
  • Extremely portable
  • A reasonable license



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